8 Things Every Man Secretly Wants In Bed

You can easily find many blogs on the internet that are focused on the desires and fantasies of a female partner, but there are a few blogs that reveal the ultimate desires of a man on the bed. If you are in this blog post, then surely you want to know about the desires of every man during sexual intercourse. If so, read this blog post until the end, as here we will talk about eight things every man secretly wants in bed. So, are you ready to know all the secrets of every man? If yes! Then, let’s start this blog post without wasting much time.

Things That Every Man Secretly Wants In Bed

Real guidance

Most men like to go straight to the point and try to know about the desires and fantasies of their female partners. During sexual intercourse, men try to understand what their partners want from them to get to their part sooner. It is the best opportunity for female partners to let their men know how, where, and when they want to enjoy with them.

The mind-blowing pleasure

Pleasure is the key thing that everyone wants during sexual intercourse, but what about mind-blowing pleasure? Men love to get touched in their sensational places, just like females. For many guys, it is the oral sex that leads them to achive mind-blowing sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse. 

The favourite position

Many men like to have sex in different sex positions with their angels. They love to switch sex positions during sexual intercourse to get more fun and pleasure, ironically. Most times, the missionary, doggy style, and you riding him on top (cowgirl or reverse cowgirl) will be the most popular sex positions that men want to try with their angels.

The dominance

Dominating a female partner or getting dominated by their partner in bed is another sexual fantasy of such men. They enjoy BDSM sex with their partner on the bed to reach maximum sexual pleasure.

The visual cue

Moreover, many males want to enjoy visual cues by their partners like erotic dance, wearing sexy lingerie, a particular pose, or even using a jewel butt plug which makes them into overdrive. For most men, attraction to their partner is everything, and accentuating their partner’s look by acting a certain way can make them wilder than a buffalo on heat. 

The fantasy

In addition, many men have secret and hidden fantasies they wish to fulfill with their angel in the bed. These fantasies can include something kinky, some dress-up, or a position he hasn’t tried yet. It might also related to role-play, power-play, or BDSM sex with their beloved partner on the bed. 

The quickie

Whether you appreciate it or not, most guys love the lusty, naughty, dirty quickie during sexual intercourse on the bed. Mostly, those people who are tired from a day at work and want to have that big, hot, and lusty release with their angels love the quickies on the bed.

The dreamboat ejaculation

This one’s fun. Right? But many men, indeed, have a different dream of ejaculating. In contrast, some men like to ejaculate inside their partner, while others love to ejaculate on a specific part of their partner, including mouth, face, belly, breast, and many others. 


So, friends, these are eight things that almost every man wants from his partner on the bed. By fulfilling men’s desires, any woman can quickly satisfy them on the bed. If you are a man looking for a partner who will fulfill all these needs, then you can hire a Coimbatore escort with the skill and talent to meet all your desires on the bed. 

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