Top 6 Ullu Web Series Actresses That Are Too Hot to Handle

Nowadays, the popularity of the Ullu application is increasing rapidly among youngsters. Ullu is a popular OTT platform that offers many bold and extremely romantic web series and movies in multiple regional languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. If you love to watch adult web series, you must know some titles of these platforms, like Charamsukh, Palangtod, and Riti Riwaaz, which are very popular among youngsters. The actresses on this platform are also very popular with their acting and bold scenes. Lots of people follow them on social media to have a look at their sexual appearances. If you also want to know about such sexy Ullu web series actresses that are too hot to handle, then read this blog post till the end.

List of Ullu Web Series Actresses Names

Noor Malabika

When we talk about top sexy and hot adult web series actresses the name of Noor Malabika will come to the top of the list. She is one of the hottest actresses with a huge fan base. If you have already watched popular Ullu web series like ‘Charamsukh,’ ‘Tapan,’ and ‘And Palangtod Siskiyan,’ you must love the sexy appearances and adult scenes of Malabika. She has gained huge popularity and won many fans’ hearts with their seductive appearances and bold scenes in a short time.

Payal Patil

Payal Patil is another hottest actress who worked in the Ullu web series. She is a modern-era social media leader and actress who debuted withthe Secretary Namak web series on the Ullu app. You will be her fan after watching her hot appearances and bold scenes in this web series. She also gained huge popularity among youngsters for her other web series like Main Yahan Tu Wahan, Secret Ingredient, Aamras, Aamras Pat 2, and many others.

Ruks Khandagale

Ruks Khandagale is a hot model and actress who has gained huge popularity through the Ullu web series. Initially, she started her career with advertisements and photoshoots, but she has become a celebrity due to the Ullu Web Series. This hot actress quickly rose to fame and started working with Ullu some time ago. Her famous web series include Palang Tod Double Dhamaka, Khirki, Ishqiyapa, Doraha, and Samne Wale Khirki.

Ankita Dave

If you are a fan of Ullu web series like Singardaan, Charmsukh Chawl House 3, and Gachi, then you must know this sexy and pretty adult actress. Ankita Dave is a famous web series actress who has worked on various OTT platforms and owned the hearts of many youngsters with her seductive appearances and bold scenes.

Tanisha Kanojia (Pihu):

Tanisha is one of the hottest and prettiest actresses who worked in many adult web series in Ullu. Her bold looks and great acting skills have gained huge popularity in the entertainment industry. You can enjoy her bold scenes in Charmsukh, Tawa Garam Charmsukh, Sursuri Li, and many other adult Ullu Web series. She has also worked in many other OTT platforms besides Ullu web series like Boom Movies and Kooku.

Shyna Khatri

At the end of this list, let us introduce you to another beautiful and sexy web series actress, Shyna Khati. She is one of the hottest and sexiest actresses who started her career with Ullu App’s web series Malai. With her sexy appearance and bold scenes, she has become a famous adult actress. On the Ullu app, you can also enjoy her other hot web series like Tohfa, Tohfa2, Bikau, and many others.


Here are the top 6 adult actresses on Ullu’s romantic web series. If you love to watch adult romantic web series, you can follow these actresses to enjoy their bold scenes. However, if you also want to get sexually intimate with a famous adult actress, then you can contact our Coimbatore escort agency to book a celebrity escort. 

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